Proofreading service for creatives

We are living in a time where many people are becoming more curious about the processes which creatives go through to create their work; and are using the internet to connect and engage with their favourite creatives. This is great news because the internet provides a worldwide platform for creatives to build their audience from. However, creatives can overlook the task of proofreading their written content when their core focus is on creating, which is one of the reasons why it can be beneficial for them to collaborate with a proofreader.

Collaborating with a proofreader as a creative business or individual can feel liberating, because a proofreader can:

  • help alleviate your task load.
  • give your document the attention it needs before it is published.
  • help represent you in a professional way.
  • save you time so you can do more of what you love.

Many creative individuals do not provide written content for their audience because they lack confidence in their writing abilities, which leads to them losing opportunities.

Take for example, Alan, he has been a dancer/choreographer for 15 years, through his love and passion for dance his been able to tour the world and receive recognition for his talent. He even has dancers come from across the world to participate in his masterclasses. Alan’s fans are constantly asking him to start a blog, because he lives and interesting life and shares useful information with them. He knows he needs to connect with his audience more to grow his business; and starting a blog could be another good business activity for him to do to fulfil his goal. But although Alan has the time to work on a blog, he lacks confidence with proofreading his written content because he struggles with dyslexia.

As we can see from reading the example above, Alan is missing an opportunity to connect with his fans in a way which they want him to, as well as potential lucrative business deals. Although it may seem to him like he has to go it alone, he does not have to. Alan could benefit from hiring and collaborating with a proofreader to check that his written content is clear before he shares it with his audience. Which could also result in him gaining confidence from the feedback he receives from his proofreader and his readers. This would be mutually beneficial for himself as well as his fans.

As proofreaders who also have a key interest in the creative industry, we understand how important it is for your creative voice to be present in your words.

We can:

  • collaborate with you to help ensure that your written content reflects your creative goals.
  • create a schedule for you, so you have regular content for your readers.
  • provide creative assistance to help you create engaging content.

Contact us to discuss your project and receive a bespoke quote. You may also request a free sample of your work, so you can see how we can help you.

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