Proofreading for non-native English speakers

The most important thing that a writer should do (regardless of if they are a native or non-native speaker), is to find out how to communicate with their audience. Once they know how to do this, they need to make sure that their writing is clear and effective to read.

However, this can feel daunting to a non-native English speaker who lacks confidence or experience with communicating in English.

We offer a draft reading service which can help alleviate this problem for our         non-native English clients, while they are developing their work.

The two key issues non-native English speakers need to watch out for when they are writing their document in English, include: making sure that they do not focus too much on the translation of their document, rather than the message they want to communicate to their audience. Along with checking that they are not too reliant on using a dictionary, to use the most complicated words to express what they mean, as this could make their document much harder to read than it has to be.

If you need a proofreader to review your work after it has been edited, we can help make the process easier for you.

We will:

  • make sure that your words are right and in line with what you want to achieve from your document.
  • ask you important questions to solidify your vision for your project.
  • help alleviate your workload with quicker turnover results.
  • check that your document is not complicated to read.
  • help you communicate with your English-speaking audience.
  • provide feedback.
  • take an interest in your project.
  • help guide you when necessary.
  • be patient with you.
  • provide you with ample time to help to make sure your document gets the attention it needs.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a bespoke quote for your project. You may also request a free sample of your work, so you can see how we can help you.

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