Privacy Policy

The privacy policy outlines how your personal information is used, shared, and collected from this Site.

What we could collect from you

Queries: If we do not agree to work with each other after your question/s have been resolved, your information will be deleted shortly after.

  • Name
  • Email address 
  • Project details


  • Name
  • Business name
  • Email address 
  • Project details
  • Business address
  • Home address

How your data is stored 

  • Files are stored in a password protected computer/laptop hard disk or cloud storage. Project documents are then deleted eight weeks after work has been completed.
  • Emails are stored on a password protected email account.

How payments are collected from you

  • We never have direct access to your payment information.
  • We use bank transfer.
  • We use Osu as a secure, easy, and high security gateway to accept payments. For more information, please check out their website at:
  • By using Osu’s online payment gateway, you are agreeing to be bound by their third-party privacy policy.

How your information is shared

  • This Site is subject to Automattic’s privacy and cookies policy. By using this Site, you are agreeing to be bound by their policies. You can check out further information at: and
  • Your personal data will only be shared by us if files are need for a HMRC audit, or for legal reasons.
  • We will not sell or share your personal information for marketing purposes.

How your personal data is used

Your personal data is used so we can do the following:

  • Contact you while working on your project.
  • Collect payment.
  • Provide you with information about the services offered.
  • Record your agreement.
  • To comply with legal tax obligations for HMRC.

How long your personal data is kept

We are required by HMRC to keep records for at least five years after the 31st of January submission deadline of the relevant tax year. Your project agreement file and any relevant emails will also be kept for this length of time as well. If after five years you want your data removed, please send us an email request.

Access to your data

You may request what details of personal information we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998.

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