Online Content

As the architect of your business, it’s your responsibility to fulfil a need for your consumers, whilst keeping them satisfied.

But maintaining content for your business online can be hard, if you struggle with articulating what you want to say in written form, or when your core focus is on the quality of the products or services you offer; which override the need and the time you have to invest in writing, clear and concise content, for you to connect with your audience. Hiring a content writer could provide you with the help that you need.

Your website is usually one of the first points of contact that your current and potential new consumers will have with your business online.

We’ve found that immersive writing can help capture the overall experience of what a business can offer, as well as keeping their readers interested and engaged in their content. 

Good content is not about manipulating people to buy from you; it’s about showcasing what your business has to offer, whilst giving people the choice to buy or not to buy from you. 

We have a key interest in writing content; whether it’s for a website page or blog post, for catering and creative businesses.

As your content writer we will:

  • Get to understand your audience so we can communicate effectively to help satisfy their needs.
  • Get to understand your business so we can showcase what you have to offer.
  • Help bridge the gap between your business and your audience.
  • Create content which reflects your business, ideas and direction.
  • Edit and proofread your content.

Come and see what we can do for your business, by requesting a free writing sample.

Creative Businesses

Putting your unique imprint in products which create memories and are treasured by others, leaves room for a great story to be told.

Catering Business

From the moment your readers have glanced over your menu, they have invested time in your business. People tend to imagine whilst looking at a food menu before they order from it; they are usually looking for a sensual experience which tastes and makes them feel good.


 Blog Posts & Webpages

  • Basic: £50 for 500 words
  • Complex: £80 for 500 words 

We could arrange a package deal, if you blog post regularly

Product Description 

  • Basic: £12 for 200 words  
  • Complex: £20 for 200 words
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